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  • What’s a Banyan?

    On this day, my grandpa from Utah was visiting us in Hawaii.  We took him out to do all kinds of “touristy” things.  It was his first time in Hawaii so we took him to our favorite beach in Kailua, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Pali look-out, and to see a Banyan tree.  As a kid, nothing was more magical than a Banyan tree.  This picture of my brother and I makes me smile.  We are about the same ages as our kids today.  Plus we are wearing our “nice” 80’s clothes, so we must have gone out to dinner after.  Fast forward to today, grandpa has passed away, and now I’m the one living in Utah.  My passion for Banyans as a child has transformed into my passion for mental health.  But, the more I think about the two passions, the more similar they are to me.


    A Banyan tree is massive, with a canopy that hosts a variety of creatures, and vines that hang down to the ground and eventually take root.  I spent hours swinging on and wrapping myself up in the vines, hiding in folds of the trunk, and climbing the thick branches.  I always walked away feeling restored and inspired.  The Banyan became a metaphor to me that stood for healing, strength, and growth.


    Banyan Mental Wellness is a place to create Healing, Strength, and Growth.


    Healing: A Banyan represents healing.  In order for a tree to be strong, the roots need to be healthy and run deep into the earth.  Human roots symbolize our past.  Roots are full of heritage, generational patterns, cultural values, and family dynamics. As you explore your roots, healing can begin.  


    Strength: When a Banyan tree has healthy roots, it is strong enough to weather any storm.  There is so much strength in the trunk of a Banyan tree.  Storms in life can fill you with fear and hopelessness.  I can guide you through these challenging times and help you find your resilience.  


    Growth: With deep healthy roots and a strong trunk the leaves and branches thrive.  The sky is the limit.  The canopy of a Banyan becomes a home and refuge for others.  As you heal, you will have the strength to reach your goals and dreams, and most importantly create healthy relationships for your family and friends. 


    Every therapy session brings me the same feelings as exploring a Banyan tree.  I feel curious, connected, and inspired from each therapy session.  Exploring a Banyan tree is great by yourself, but it’s much more meaningful to explore it with people you care about.  Healing is the same way, having someone by your side makes it much more meaningful.  If you are needing someone by your side on your healing journey, reach out today, we can do this together.